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Backend Basics: RESTful API (API, REST, Methods, JSON, Examples)

As you probably know, a typical modern application consists of 2 main parts: Frontend and Backend. Frontend: This is the part of the application that users interact with directly. It usually includes the user interface (UI) and any components that … Read More

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Angular Vs React

What is Angular? Angular is a development platform and application-design framework built on TypeScript with component-based architecture for building scalable web apps. It has a collection of well-integrated libraries and features, such as client-server communication, routing, and more, that help speed … Read More

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Next JS vs React

What is React React is a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces. By user interfaces (UI), we mean the elements that users see and interact with on-screen. By library, we mean React provides helpful functions (APIs) to build UI, … Read More

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