Education industries

Education Software Development

Shelve the pricey books and boring lectures! Let us set-up an EdTech app to unlock education for all. Make learning accessible with mobile tools, affordable with subscription models, and engaging with virtual worlds and edutainment.

Bring into existence top-tier educational software with Pingaaksh

Our education software solutions give interactive learning, personalized instruction and seamless data analysis. We shape the future of learning with comprehensive array of education software solutions. From learning management systems, classroom management software’s, student information systems, assessments and evaluation tools, virtual and augmented reality tools, you name it and we offer.

School Management Software

Create the perfect school management system for your needs. Track attendance, manage grades, library,fee management, communicate with parents. All-in-one, flexible, functional and practical solutions by ed-tech experts. Upgrade your school with customized software’s.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Developing virtual engagement environments for interactive learning, fostering communication between teachers and students. Implement virtual boards, track student participation, enable screen sharing, and integrate collaborative tools to enhance student involvement. This solution addresses shortcomings in traditional education systems overly focused on exams and grades. It offers 2 programs, Mastery Assessments and Thinking Classroom, tailored for schools and two programs, Unbox and Thinksheets, for individual parents, adapting smart teaching approach.

Transport App

Looking for a transport app? We create them swift and slick. React Native and Flutter fuel our process, delivering feature-packed apps with consistent UX across devices. Real-time tracking and navigation powered by cutting-edge geolocation technologies like GPS, GIS and map tech. ride into the future with us.